JOIN PURPLE CHARLES by emailing a photograph or copy of your drivers' license or state ID verifying you are 21 or 18 with a medical recommendation to along with your product request.  We promise to respond within 24 hours.  If you are searching for a specific cannabis flower or cannabis-based product, email us at and we will source it for you! PURPLE CHARLES offers its members special rates based on bulk and group purchases at the wholesale prices.  Please email us for more information.  To view our current retail menus, visit our delivery drivers at LIFTED VILLAGE, FOUR TWENTY FRIENDLY, or AUDIO DOPE STUDIOS


Oakland, CA



Phone:  510-485-9021



We curate the best and safest THC products for our club members

A few words about us


We are a delivery-only cannabis dispensary and wholesale distributor specializing in meeting the personal needs of cannabis consumers.


PURPLE CHARLES began as a Prop 215 Cannabis Collective in 2016 and evolved into a licensed delivery-only dispensary in 2018.  PURPLE CHARLES operates as a private cannabis buyers club to meet the needs of cannabis consumers at a friendly price. Our membership fee structure allows PURPLE CHARLES  to afford the costs of operation while keeping product prices low for our members at the same time. We network with all state licensed distributors, cultivators, and manufacturers to curate products that meet our membership needs.  If you are a regular consumer of licensed cannabis products, our cannabis buyers club is for you! 

Our members are  experienced cannabis consumers who desire safe, legal and affordable access the licensed and tested cannabis and cannabis-based products.  

Our goal is to offer the largest, quality selection of cannabis flowers, supplies, products, and accessories to adult cannabis consumers that incorporate the needs of diverse individuals. We continuously conduct research to bring you innovative cannabis products that deliver exceptional results. We maximize the cost effectiveness of operating a legal cannabis dispensary by using only membership fees and relying on volunteers to carry out day-to-day operations.  The ongoing research and development of cannabis industry legislation guarantees that our personal delivery service remains an accessible value for our members.